Levitate Foundry took the reins in crafting a series of distinctive performance creative campaigns for VRAI, a luxury lab-grown diamond retailer. Through a series of compelling storylines for branded storytelling, including the impactful "For Every Love Story" campaign, we strategically positioned VRAI as a diamond retailer that transcends the ordinary. This emotionally charged campaign not only resonated with audiences but also solidified VRAI's brand as one intimately connected to the closest moments in couples' lives. 

Levitate's approach to engaging storytelling went beyond conventional marketing, creating a narrative that set VRAI apart in the competitive landscape and established a profound connection with its audience.

Performance Creative
Ad Concepting
Campaign Creative



Frame-by-frame narratives to conceptualize and align creative direction

Production Excellence

Motion edited & post-produced full videos end-to-end

Emotional Scripting

Developed narratives that resonated emotionally

what we did

Our journey began with a strategic focus on storyboarding, where we carefully conceptualized and visualized each narrative to ensure alignment with VRAI's brand identity. The storyboarding phase played a crucial role in outlining the visual and emotional elements that would resonate with the audience, laying the foundation for compelling and authentic storytelling.

With the storyboards as our guide, Levitate meticulously ventured into the production phase, bringing each concept to life with precision and creativity. Our team collaborated seamlessly to capture the essence of VRAI's uniqueness, emphasizing the luxury and ethical aspects of lab-grown diamonds. The production process involved a careful balance of aesthetics, messaging, and visual appeal to create a cohesive and visually striking narrative. This phase was marked by attention to detail, ensuring that each frame contributed to the overall storytelling and effectively conveyed VRAI's distinct value proposition.

Scripting became the backbone of our performance creative, as we crafted narratives that not only showcased VRAI's exquisite offerings but also resonated emotionally with the audience. The scripts were designed to bring out the authenticity of VRAI's story, emphasizing the brand's commitment to individual love stories, ethical practices, and differentiation in the diamond retail landscape. The result was a series of campaigns, including the impactful "For Every Love Story," that not only drove high ROAs but also positioned VRAI as a brand deeply connected to the intimate and meaningful moments in the lives of its customers. Levitate's detailed and thoughtful process in storyboarding, producing, and scripting performance creative reflects our dedication to creating narratives that not only captivate audiences but also authentically represent the essence of the brands we partner with.

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