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Levitate Foundry prioritized user experience in the creation and development of Sanzo's website, infusing the brand's lively personality into the design. Maintaining a consistent and captivating design across all pages, we successfully conveyed the brand's story while optimizing for conversion. Our objective was to vividly represent Sanzo's brand values of cultural connection and energetic storytelling. The addition of animated elements to images and CTAs brought an unexpected and delightful surprise to the overall user experience.

UX/UI Design
Site Launch
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Conversion-Focused UX

We focused on clear, uncluttered navigation and high-conversion UX.

Engaging UI

We translated the bright & bold brand brand seamlessly to create a new digital home.

Playful Motion

Integrated motion playfully for easter egg moments for users.

what we did

Levitate created and developed a website with user-experience in mind first, and brought the brand's bubbly and energetic personality to life through design. We maintained a consistent design across all pages, and were able to really design a site that both told a great brand story and optimized for conversion.

Before taking off into design, Levitate Foundry researched key players in the DTC beverage industry to understand best practices and gather ideas. We then had a kick-off call with the Sanzo team to learn more about their brand in their own words, and understand what elements needed to be incorporated for the new website. 

As we were working on a tight-timeline, we jumped right in present the Sanzo team a couple of different options for design on the Homepage, and then designed the rest off the pages based on feedback from that conversation. Our goal was to bring Sanzo's brand values of bridging cultures and fun/energetic story to life on the site. We optimized for conversation rate by adding quick add-to-cart blocks on the homepage, and incorporated a subscription feature to the product pages. Finally, we added some animation elements to the images and CTAs to bring everything an unexpected element of surprise to the experience. 

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