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Levitate Foundry achieved remarkable success in elevating the online presence of Robin Golf, a luxury high-price-point product, through a strategic combination of paid media excellence and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Our team seamlessly executed a paid media campaign, leveraging social proof-based performance creative to capture the essence of the premium golf product. Subsequently, our detailed CRO audit uncovered opportunities for optimization, leading to the strategic removal of the collections page and streamlining navigation to the Product Detail Pages (PDPs). This meticulous approach not only enhanced the user experience but also contributed to a notable increase in conversion rates, showcasing Levitate's ability to drive impactful results for luxury brands operating in a high-price-point market.

Paid Media
Performance Creative
eCom Strategy
UX/UI Design


3%+ ATC Lift

Achieved a 3% lift in Add To Cart through A/B testing

47%+ Transactions

Improved transactions by 47% 

16% Checkout Improvement

Improved checkout funnel performance by 16%

what we did

Levitate Foundry took a strategic approach in optimizing the online presence of Robin Golf, beginning with a targeted paid media campaign focused on social proof-based performance creative. Following the successful execution of paid media, our team conducted a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) audit to refine and enhance the user experience. During this audit, we observed a notably high assisted conversion rate on the collections page. To test its significance, we devised a hypothesis that removing the collections page and streamlining navigation to the Product Detail Pages (PDPs) via the homepage would result in an increased conversion rate, eliminating an additional step in the funnel that seemed to add minimal value.

In implementing the site variant, we strategically removed the collections page and optimized the homepage by introducing an anchor Call to Action (CTA) leading directly to the shop section. This enhancement was complemented by updates to improve mobile-friendliness. Additionally, any 'shop' link that previously directed users to the collection page was either anchored or directed to the menu, offering a more efficient route for users to navigate directly to the PDPs. Levitate's thoughtful and data-driven approach to on-site optimization exemplifies our commitment to enhancing user journeys and driving impactful results for our clients, such as Robin Golf.

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