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Drake x Nike


Our partnership with NOCTA, the unique collaboration between music icon Drake and sportswear giant Nike, marked an exciting opportunity to amplify their brand presence and create memorable connections with their target audience. Through a strategically crafted paid media launch and leveraging impactful seasonal creative, we aimed to elevate NOCTA’s visibility and resonance in the market while boosting ROAS.

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+300% ROAS

Significant ROAS improvement with scaling media spend.

+40% CTR

Improved efficiencies and efficacy of ad placements.

+461% Purchases

Attributable purchase increase (QTD Q4 2023)

what we did

Elevate Brand Awareness: The primary objective was to raise NOCTA’s brand awareness to new heights. We sought to position NOCTA as a standout player in the fashion industry through captivating paid media creative that showcased the essence of the brand.

 Drive Traffic and Engagement: We aimed to drive significant traffic to NOCTA’s digital platforms while fostering meaningful engagement. By developing creative that resonated with the audience, our goal was to encourage users to explore the brand’s offerings and interact with its content.

Optimize Advertising Spend: Maximizing ROI was a key component of our strategy. We continuously monitored and optimized advertising spend to ensure that every dollar invested in paid media creative generated meaningful returns for NOCTA.

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