Levitate led the online merchandising and DTC strategy, as well as designed the UX/UI for the MeUndies and Backstreet Boys collaboration. The collaboration seamlessly merged the iconic elements of the Backstreet Boys with the MeUndies brand identity. Beyond the collaboration launch, Levitate continued to work with MeUndies, providing ongoing support through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) recommendations and strategic optimizations for their DTC site. This comprehensive approach underscores Levitate's commitment to not only spearhead impactful collaborations but also to ensure sustained success through continuous refinement of the DTC site's performance and user experience.

UX/UI Design
eCom Strategy
Collection Launch


Intuitive PLP Filtering

Provided UX strategy for product discovery focused filtering system on PLP

Merchandising Strategy

Provided merchandising strategy for key collections

UX/UI Design

Designed multiple UX/UI variations for on-site PLP & LP

what we did

We meticulously crafted an immersive user experience that seamlessly integrated the iconic elements of the Backstreet Boys with the MeUndies brand identity. Our priority was to not only create visually captivating designs but also to ensure a conversion-focused UX, optimizing every element for a streamlined and compelling shopping journey.

Beyond the successful launch of the collaboration, Levitate continued its partnership with MeUndies, focusing on prioritizing conversion through ongoing eCom strategy and support. This involved providing detailed Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) recommendations and implementing strategic optimizations tailored to enhance the DTC site's performance. The commitment to a conversion-focused UX was central to our approach, ensuring that every design element and strategic decision contributed to a seamless and user-centric shopping experience.

Levitate strategically implemented targeted landing pages to enhance the shopping experience and drive focused engagement. With a meticulous approach, we designed landing pages tailored to specific audience segments and product categories, ensuring a seamless and personalized journey for users. By aligning the content, visuals, and calls-to-action with the unique preferences and interests of each targeted audience, these landing pages became powerful tools for capturing attention and guiding users toward relevant products.

Levitate's collaborative and detail-oriented efforts reflect a dedication to elevating not only the visual appeal of the collaboration but also the overall effectiveness of the DTC site in driving conversions and customer satisfaction.

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