Within the realm of alcoholic beverages, our focus with JuneShine was to enhance user experience and drive revenue through a targeted redesign of the original collection page. Identifying challenges related to pricing visibility and subscription options, our approach centered on an editorial-style UI that seamlessly combined sophistication with user-friendliness. By prioritizing clarity in product prices and subscription pathways, the redesigned collection page not only alleviates user friction but also elevates the overall aesthetic experience. The result is a visually engaging and streamlined platform that positions JuneShine as a leader in the premium alcoholic beverage category, successfully exceeding expectations and driving increased revenue.

Conversion Rate Optimization
Split Testing
UX/UI Design
CRO Strategy


3.45%+ CVR

Grew CVR on the PLP (Collection Page) by a significant 3.45% through targeted split testing. 

AOV: 8.68%+ Lift

Add to carts and checkout page views decreased by -9.7% and -3.7% respectively. 

RPU: +6.45% Lift

It was important to increase AOV so overall we’d successfully generate more revenue per user.

what we did

Observation: We found on the original collection page that it was difficult to quickly gauge the product’s price. Also to increase quantity and shipping frequency if you subscribed required several clicks, taking you to the PDP then requiring the user to scroll lower to find those components 1-2 folds below the hero. We felt a lot of upsell opportunity was being missed and the default was a single purchase at the smallest quantity size.

Hypothesis: If we redesign the collection page to surface all the buying options (quantity, subscriptions, add to cart button) then we’ll increase the overall revenue because we’ve decreased the friction to make those changes (less clicks)  and brought visibility to options that used to be somewhat hidden/hard to find.

Site Variant: On the variant, you can see all the add to cart options are selectable right on each product card.

Learning: We found that add to carts and checkout slightly decreased but overall transactions, aov, and revenue increased. We believe the users who did choose to add to cart were more qualified to purchase because pricing is a lot more transparent in our new design. Additionally, we saw AOV increase which reinforces our hypothesis that there used to be friction to add to cart.

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