Levitate Foundry played a pivotal role as Hiyo's launch partner, orchestrating the successful digital launch of the brand and subsequently amplifying Hiyo's brand awareness through targeted media campaigns. Post-launch, our team seamlessly transitioned into a strategic focus on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) for Hiyo, identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to enhance user engagement and drive improved conversion rates. This comprehensive approach showcases Levitate's commitment to not only establish a strong brand presence but also to continually refine and optimize the user experience, ensuring sustained impact and success for Hiyo in the digital landscape.

UX/UI Design
Shopify Development
Paid Media
eCom Strategy



Achieved on average with Paid Social & Paid Organic campaigns

2.7% CVR Increase

Holistically improved CVR through on-site split testing

45% RPU Increase

Improved Revenue Per User on-site over time

what we did

In a dedicated effort to optimize user engagement and conversion rates, Levitate Foundry conducted a comprehensive Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) initiative for Hiyo. Through a meticulous CRO audit, we identified an opportunity to elevate the home page's conversion rates for all users by testing and implementing new hero section copy. The success of this initial test paved the way for further improvements as we incorporated the winning copy into the development of a new landing page specifically designed for paid traffic.

Our first test aimed at refining the hero section copy on the home page, introducing a product-focused approach with our key tagline "the better-than-alcohol alternative," a clear product description, and effects overview. Additionally, we opted for a softer Call to Action (CTA) using our alternative tagline "feel the float" as opposed to "shop now." The results of this test demonstrated significant improvements in conversion rates for all users landing on the home page.

Building upon this success, our second hypothesis centered on creating a custom landing page, strategically pulling essential information from the home page while incorporating additional crucial elements such as reviews and press coverage. This custom landing page was designed to enhance the conversion rate of new users arriving from paid media efforts. Levitate Foundry's approach aimed at not only optimizing individual elements but also ensuring a cohesive and seamless user journey, ultimately elevating Hiyo's online presence and driving meaningful results.

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