Levitate Foundry took charge of designing a comprehensive website funnel for acquisition and robust email list growth for EOS. The results were transformative, with email revenue experiencing an outstanding 120% surge in the first nine months of 2021 compared to the previous year, tracked through Klaviyo. Open rates witnessed a substantial boost, ranging from 33% to 35% for engaged users, compared to the previous average of 11-13%. The new site UX/UI proved instrumental in improving conversions - and our strategic Lifecycle Strategy showcased sustained impact on driving sales and revenue, with email accounting for ~40% of monthly Shopify revenue for EOS.

UX/UI Design
Site Launch
Email & SMS
Paid Media


CVR-Focused UX/UI

Designed website funnel with conversion-focused UX

120% Email Rev. Increase

Email revenue increased 120% in first 9 months

10% Engaged List Growth

Rebuilt and optimized automations and flows to increase LTV + repurchase rate

what we did

Levitate Foundry undertook a transformative initiative to design and optimize a comprehensive website funnel for EOS, strategically focused on customer acquisition and robust email list growth. The impact of this endeavor was substantial, evident in the remarkable 120% increase in email revenue during the first nine months of 2021 compared to the previous year, meticulously tracked through Klaviyo. This surge in email revenue underscored the effectiveness of the implemented strategies in driving engagement and conversions for EOS.

One of the key successes of the project was the significant enhancement in open rates, which experienced a remarkable uplift from an average of 11-13% to an impressive range of 33-35% for engaged users. This heightened engagement played a crucial role in fostering a stronger connection between EOS and its audience. Moreover, the initiative resulted in a notable increase of 10,000 customers ordering two times or more, showcasing the tangible impact of the strategies on customer retention and repeat business.

Levitate Foundry's multifaceted approach extended beyond email optimization, encompassing A/B testing for promotional offers to maximize engagement and name acquisition. The project also involved the meticulous rebuilding and optimization of automations and flows, strategically aimed at increasing customer lifetime value (LTV) and repurchase rates specific to the EOS brand. Additionally, the implementation of targeted content and lifestyle campaigns proved instrumental in improving full-price conversions, contributing to a holistic enhancement of EOS's online presence. The ongoing success of promotional operations, accounting for 20% to 40% of monthly Shopify revenue, further emphasized the sustained impact of the project on driving sales and revenue for EOS.

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