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As the strategic launch partner for Drew House by Justin Bieber in 2019, Levitate took the lead in crafting a distinctive digital presence for Drew House, aligning with Justin Bieber's vision for simplicity and an unparalleled user experience (UX) centered around shopability. The primary objective was to provide customers with direct and seamless access to Drew House goods. Levitate meticulously designed the new Drew House website, incorporating simplicity and shopability as core principles. In adherence to the founding team's vision, multiple site architectures were developed, allowing shoppers to effortlessly view and checkout a product with just two clicks. By striking the perfect balance between celebrity allure and intuitive UX, Levitate has not only elevated the brand's digital presence but has also created an online environment that captivates users and converts visitors into devoted customers.

UX/UI Design
Shopify Development
Brand Launch
UX Strategy


Instant Add To Cart

Prioritized speed when considering UX and user interactions, ultimately prioritizing quick ATC.

Uncomplicated UX

Applied brand direction seamlessly for an uncomplicated, minimalist site.

Sleek UI

Prepared multiple versions of UI, pairing aesthetics with CVR-focused architecture.

what we did

Recognizing Justin Bieber's influence and the brand's aspirational appeal, our team strategically integrated elements that resonate with his fan base while maintaining a minimalistic and user-friendly interface. Leveraging the celebrity status of Justin Bieber, the design seamlessly integrates captivating visuals and storytelling, providing users with an authentic connection to the brand's culture. The UX design is intentionally minimal, ensuring a clean and straightforward navigation experience, allowing visitors to effortlessly explore and engage with Drew House's offerings.

Throughout the project, Levitate explored various graphical variations of the UX to find the perfect blend of user interface (UI) and user experience that encapsulated the unique "culture" of the Drew House brand. The ultimate result is a website that not only reflects the essence and values of the brand but also delivers a superior and intuitive user experience. Levitate's design approach ensured that the digital representation of Drew House seamlessly integrates culture into every aspect. The collaborative efforts between Levitate and Drew House exemplify a harmonious fusion of design aesthetics and functionality, creating an online platform that truly embodies the spirit of the brand.

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