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Levitate Foundry spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding initiative for Dr. Smood, leading the development of a distinctive tone of voice, brand identity, and a visually captivating eCommerce design. The project encompassed meticulous UX/UI development, Shopify customization, and a seamless relaunch of the online platform. From crafting a compelling brand narrative to designing intentional and beautiful touchpoints, Levitate's role extended across all aspects of Dr. Smood's branding and online presence, ensuring a consumer-first approach and a transformative experience for visitors.

eCom Strategy
UX/UI Design
Shopify Development
TOV Guidelines
Identity Guidelines


Brand Workshops

Levitate Foundry worked through Dr. Smood's rebranding in a series of brand workshops

Story-Driven UX/UI

Core focus on communicating brand UVPs through compelling brand storylines

eCom Strategy

Advanced product filtration, clear navigation, educational UX/UI

what we did

The Levitate Foundry team took the lead in a transformative journey, steering the rebrand, tone of voice development, and eCommerce design for Dr. Smood. Our commitment to creating a compelling experience began with a deep understanding of the brand's essence, aiming to capture the rich flavor and meticulous care embodied in each Dr. Smood product. Adhering to eCommerce consumer habits and best practices, our team navigated the challenge of presenting extensive information about ingredients, sourcing, flavor, and health on the website.

Every touchpoint in the final Dr. Smood website was a testament to our strategy, as we meticulously designed each element to be intentional, practical, and, above all, beautiful. The rebranding process was a collaborative effort, and Levitate took a consumer-first approach to comprehensively understand the concerns and considerations of food shoppers across Dr. Smood's diverse demographics. Utilizing these insights, we not only led the rebrand but also developed a distinctive tone of voice that resonates with consumers.

Our involvement extended to crafting an eCommerce design that seamlessly translated the rebrand and tone of voice into a visually captivating and user-friendly online platform. This included strategizing how to convey complex information in a digestible, friendly, and trustworthy manner, ensuring that the website serves as an inviting and informative space for consumers. Levitate's multifaceted approach exemplifies our dedication to elevating brands through a holistic rebranding process, thoughtful tone of voice development, and strategic eCommerce design.

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