Levitate stood as the external growth partner for 8Green's DTC strategy over a 12 month period, undertaking the pivotal role of driving and expanding direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales through strategic omnichannel approaches. Entrusted with the responsibility of fostering external growth, our team orchestrated a comprehensive strategy that seamlessly integrated various channels for optimal results. From launching new email workflows to orchestrating multi-channel product launches and managing performance-focused campaigns, Levitate was at the forefront of propelling the DTC site's success. We actively lead the growth and multi-channel DTC strategy, ensuring that every facet of the brand's online presence was strategically aligned to maximize sales and cultivate lasting customer relationships. As the trusted growth partner, Levitate's commitment was to elevate the DTC site's performance and position it for sustained success.

Growth Strategy
eCom Execution
Paid Social
Paid Search
Email & SMS


7.04% New Order Rate

Increase of 7.04% in new order rate (attributed to Levitate's digital strategy)

+2.89% CVR Lift

Improved CVR by 2.89% through strategic CRO initiatives

19% Total Orders

Grew total orders by 19% over the course of our engagement

what we did

Levitate orchestrated a comprehensive DTC strategy for 8Greens, focusing on optimizing customer engagement and driving growth across multiple channels. By launching new and effective email workflows, we significantly improved the Lifetime Value (LTV) for product launches and post-purchase interactions. A strategic multi-channel approach was employed to successfully introduce 8greens' new product to the market, ensuring a cohesive and impactful launch.

In our role, we maintained a laser focus on performance, driving meaningful results. Levitate's creative development was intricately tied to paid media performance, ensuring that visuals and messaging resonated with the target audience. Our team took a hands-on approach to optimize the entire sales funnel, implementing custom and strategic landing pages that seamlessly guided users towards conversions.

The holistic strategy extended to improving the website's conversion rate, enhancing the overall user experience for visitors. Levitate took the lead in formulating and executing a growth and multi-channel strategy, positioning 8Greens for sustained success in a competitive market. The collaborative efforts between Levitate and 8Greens showcase a dynamic approach that not only addresses short-term goals but also lays the foundation for long-term brand growth and customer loyalty.

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