What is Live Shopping? And Why should brands use it?

What is Live Shopping? And Why should brands use it? 

Live Shopping  has exploded in popularity over the past few years. For retailers and brands, it provides a fun and engaging way to showcase products and connect directly with customers. And for shoppers, it makes buying more entertaining and interactive. 

What is Live Shopping?  

Live shopping gives consumers the opportunity to purchase as they watch video streams. With Live Shopping, retailers can broadcast live video streams and engage with consumers in real time. Additionally, this content can also be captured and repurposed on your website to maximize conversion opportunities. Brands such as Nike, Loreal and Nordstrom are investing heavily in it. 

Video commerce and Live Shopping is a $31B industry that is only set to grow. 

Live Shopping is considered to be a good marketing tool for brands. It gives brands a unique way to engage with their consumers. Imagine, your customers are able to ask and have their questions answered in real time! Moreover, they are able to see your products and services all whilst being able to stream this across multiple platforms and spaces! With companies reporting conversion rates approaching 30%. And an added bonus is a reduction in returns rates of 40%! - it’s easy to see why brands are keen to try this out!

How do you integrate Liveshopping into your business?

eStreamly Social Commerce site is a live streaming commerce platform that lets retailers and brands host live shopping events anywhere. Video commerce can be on retailers and brands own websites, social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), mobile app, SMS, emails…  As a result, this means viewers can browse products, ask questions, and make purchases without leaving the live video stream thanks to their proprietary in-video checkout. They are able to Offer features like SMS reminder, social media integration with Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, robust analytics and viewers attribution within eStreamly. Therefore, it’s a good fit for retailers and brands looking to drive sales through interactive live shopping or leveraging their existing video content with video commerce.

The Live shopping opportunity

Live shopping is a unique opportunity for brands to engage their customers in real time - answering questions, engaging users and building brand loyalty. By using it effectively brands increase their sales, reduce the return rates for their products and deliver great ROI on their videos. Using tools such as eStreamly brands are able to host this feature on their websites and use social media to push their content, all whilst retaining their control over the customer journey and with access to their user data. Consequently, this gives the customer a better experience which benefits the brands and encourages customer loyalty.
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