Gen Z’s Shaping Search Through Tik Tok

Google is Being Outgoogled by Tik Tok. Gen Z is here for it.

Every social media platform plays its own unique role in the digital world. Twitter is a great way to check the news, whereas Instagram provides users with a visual experience. Since it’s debut, Google and Google products have helped people find pretty much whatever they are looking for with a few quick keystrokes. 

Tik Tok is gaining a lot of traction in the social media space. They are prioritizing short form video content and have taken the world by storm. The platform is quickly rising the ranks as a user favorite and Gen Z is blazing the trail for consumption. 

More Searching Less Struggling 

According to TechCrunch, Google suggests that 40% of its Gen Z user base is now switching to Tik Tok or Instagram to discover new information. Simply put, Gen Z is tired of scrolling through pages of Google listings to find what they are looking for. Short form storytelling has helped people find new information very quickly. It’s shaped the way we now search the internet. While older users have grown used to Googling whatever they need, Gen Z is getting there quickly while avoiding ads and paywalls. 

Putting the Algorithm to Good Use

The Tik Tok algorithm has helped to mint influencers over night through viral sounds, relevant hashtags and emerging trends. Tik Tok has made it easy for users to find their audiences and amass thousands of views. The creator-first approach allows everyone with a camera phone to have the potential to reach millions of eye balls. 

The For You Page (#fyp) is a scrolling feed of videos that the platform thinks you’ll enjoy. It’s primarily used to discover something new. Tik Tok’s algorithm makes finding content pretty simple. Gen Z is now using the app as a search engine. The search function allows you to look up a specific topic to see what people have to say about it. Gen Z users are reporting that the layout makes it easy to find comprehensive search results. 

Tik Tok’s method is inspiring change across the social media landscape. Platforms like Snapchat and Instagram are now playing catch up for the first time ever. Gen Z is learning new ways to find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. 


  • Tik Tok is rivaling Google as a search engine
  • Gen Z is setting a trend by finding information on Tik Tok 
  • Tik Tok’s video format enables highly visual search results
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